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Visa costs and possible Scams Thailand/Cambodia

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Visa costs and possible Scams Thailand/Cambodia

Hi folks,

I'm in Sa Kaeo today taking it easy and moving on down to Aranyaprathet tomorrow morning (Wed 8th Dec, 2010).

Can anyone advise please advise me of the costs for a visa on entry in Cambodia? Also, I have read that there are a few unscupulous officials asking more for visa payments than is normal. can anyone confirm these stories for me?

Thanks in advance,

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Cambodian visa

Hi John,

Yes they will probably hassle you coming into Cambodia. I got my visa last year on the internet to avoid that hassle but they still asked for extra money - 5 bucks. I refused and had to wait about an hour. Then I got my stamps without extra baksheesh. Also they will hassle you with pills and offer women. Thailand is so much better in this way, no hassles whatever.

It is a shame: on the one hand they are apparently underpayed but I wonder where the extra 5 bucks will end up - probably not with the really underpayed officials ...

I watched the poor Thais that went into Cambodia for daily business and in every passport there was a 20 baht note or more for them.

Because I had to wait so long at the border I didn't make it to my destination on time, I entered via the Trat route. So I got stranded in the no man's land of the sanctuary and a little paranoid because I saw some young guys on motorcycles calling each other. The real adventure had begun ...

Eventually I hitchhiked and met a nice taxidriver with a Camry from Sihanoukville who took me and my bike about 60 miles to my destination for those 5 bucks ;-)

I'm old school hippy and still hate people in uniforms who take advantage of that fact. I love the Thai police though - always very friendly to cyclists, even when they caught me at violations.

Be very careful on your bike! Cambodian traffic is hell, I saw many live accidents and got hit by a motorcycle in Phnom Penh but was lucky because I'm experienced and drive a sturdy old bike ...

If you can make it to Chumphon province in Thailand me and my Thailady will welcome you. I will be here until the end of January.

Good luck and happy trails!


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