We always want to know about problems with the site

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If you have trouble with the Warmshowers.org site, even if you think it's "user error", please let us know. We want to make it better, and can't solve these problems unless we hear about them. Just send us a note using the contact page.

-Randy, Kevin, and Chris


logging out

I always seem to have trouble finding the log out button. Please consider adding a more prominent one for idiots like me. Maybe up near the Login Status block?

Jim B

where's my email?

I am trying to find and read an email someone sent. Hopefully I can figure it out. Patty

Please send a note when you have trouble...

If you have problems, please send us a note using the contact page with as much detail as you can. What are you trying to do? What happens instead? What page were you on? Things like that.