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webmasters advertising on the side?!?

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webmasters advertising on the side?!?

I just got a warmshowers email from the "webmsaters" touting a selection of UGG winter boots
they are offering for sale (on the side?). What the heck is this about? Frankly, I'm rather
offended. Seems like a cheap shill for a little cash on the side sort of thing. Anyone else
care to comment? Anyone else getting this ad? Maybe it's a hacker- hell, I don't know; but
Warmshowers all of a sudden looks a little less friendly to me.

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This was spam posted by a user who is deleted now.

My goodness, take it easy!

We do our level best to prevent spam (that user has been deleted, along with all spam they posted).

All you have to do is click "Mark this as spam" if you see something on the site that is spam, and we'll delete it (and the user) right away.

Remember, it's just a couple of volunteers moderating the site. If we had to moderate every action on the site before it went live we'd have to be on there full time, and then people would have to wait until we moderated it to see their posts go live.

Do you understand what happened here?

1. You posted a comment or a post in the forums. When you did you left the checkbox clicked that said "notify me of followups".

2. A spammer (a live person) joined the site and posted spam comments.

3. You got a followup.

4. Later, the spammer and all the comments were deleted.

I'm annoyed by spam too. Hoping you understand better now.


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No commercial uses of the stie

I should add that we don't allow any commercial use of the site, not to mention spam :-) We don't allow hosts to charge, and as you see, we have no advertising.

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