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What are the responsibilities of a guest?

  • Before contacting a prospective host read their warmshowers account carefully. Be aware of the hospitality that they offer as well as any restrictions that they may have. Read their recommendations to see what others have said about them.
  • Show up at the agreed-upon location as you have discussed with the host. If you can't, please contact them as soon as you can. (No-shows have been a consistent complaint from hosts, and do damage to our hosting community.)
  • Ask the host what your responsibilities are as a guest. Are you expected to fix a meal? How long are you allowed/expected to stay? 
  • Guests should generally figure out some way to be responsive to the host's kind hospitality... bringing a beer, fixing a meal, telling good stories.
  • Always provide feedback (and thanks) to hosts by clicking the "Provide Feedback" button on their profile page. Note that although it's unusual, feedback may be neutral or negative. Your honest feedback helps build trust in the community.
  • Please read the article How to be a good guest for more information.