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What are the responsibilities of a host?

  • Please respond to contacts from members in a timely manner, whether you choose to host them or not. If you can't do this, please make sure your profile is marked "not currently available".
  • When contacted by a member for hospitality, read their profile and recommendations and decide whether you want to offer hospitality (you are under no obligation to offer hospitality!) Note that the link to the contacting member's profile will be in the email you receive from the site.
  • If you decide to offer hospitality, continue the contact with the member to make specific arrangements, and give them additional contact and location details if necessary.
  • Always provide feedback after any visit from a guest. This builds trust in the community. Normally it will be positive, but if it's neutral or negative, please provide it anyway.
  • Please read the article How to be a good host for more detail.