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What if I have a problem with a Warmshowers host or guest?

  1. Please try to sort out whether the problem is one of miscommunication or cultural difference. If that's what it is, please move on.
  2. If you think that other hosts or guests should be aware of the member's situation, please leave feedback in the form of negative feedback. Simply click the "Provide Feedback" button on their profile page and explain the facts of your concern and your experience. You'll choose "Negative" or "Neutral" as the rating, of course.
  3. If the situation involves serious misbehavior (theft, sexual misbehavior, etc.), please let us know the facts of the situation by using the contact form. We will ask you for specific factual details of your experience and ask the other party for their view. In serious cases we can post an administrative feedback (anonymous for you) on the member's account, or delete the accused member's account, if that is warranted.
  4. If the situation involves criminal behavior, please immediately inform your local legal authorities. Call the police.