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Region and Country-Specific Information

This is the place to ask region or country-specific questions.

Covid-19 (coronavirus) crisis - situation in Austria (14th of March 2020), last update 15th of March -

If you decide to pedal through Europe in time of severe Covid-19-problems we think it is good to be well informed. We try to give a short summary about current situation in Austria (14th of March)

Borders: closed from Italy and they started controls from Switzerland.
Closed to Czech Republic and Slovakia. NEW: Germany will close border to Austria

Covid-19 (coronavirus) restrictions for New Zealand travel

As of midnight tomorrow (15 March 2020) every person arriving in New Zealand apart from those coming from the Pacific islands will have to self- isolate for 14 days, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says. The measures will be reviewed in 16 days and there will be more measures and advice for self isolation next week.

For full transcript see here

Austria - Renting a bike from Innsbruck to Wien

Hello dear community,

I will be travelling across Europe from France to Russia on April - June of this year.

My girlfriend is joining me from Innsbruck to Wien, from May 1st to May 14th.

As she's coming by bus to Innsbruck & leaving by train from Wien and doesn't have a trekking bike yet, we were planning to rent a trekking bike in Innsbruck and let it in Wien.

The thing is, the rental shops we contacted in Innsbruck don't seem to offer a shuttle service or don't seem to have partner shops to take back the bikes in the capital...

Twin City (MPLS/St Paul) gathering June 6-7 2020

Rendezvous in Ramsey    June 6-7 2020  Invitation to TC area bikers and those passing thru 

I  am hosting a bike-in overnight gathering at Hansen Tree Farm ( on Saturday June 6, 2020.  The is just a mile off the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) and is a place where many coast-to-coast riders have camped.  I thought it would be great to meet together with others who are interested in bike touring and gather around a campfire and share our experiences.

Accomodation for a Group of 10 in Netherlands - any suggestion? Near Einhoven and Amsterdam

Hello lovely Warmshowers Community!

Maybe some of you here have connections (or live?) somewhere close to Eindhoven or Amsterdam? I am looking for a nice place where we could be hosted with a group of about 10 people in the days aroud easter (1-2 nights). Why?


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