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Region and Country-Specific Information

This is the place to ask region or country-specific questions.

Stay free at Windcrest

I have a cabin near Yucca Valley CA just for cycle tourists. It is only 8 miles from Jousua Tree National Park. The problem is that there are few bicycle tourist to take me up on it. Getting here is easy. Take the Santa Anna River trail (from Huntington Beach). Then ride 10 miles through quiet neighborhood to reach continuation of Santa Ana Ruver trail to San Bernardino (20 miles). I haven't had a visitor since January! Craig Walker

Buy a bycicle and gear in Iran

Hi all,

Does anyone have an idea of the prices to buy cycling gear and a touring bike in Iran at the moment?

We are planning to start a cycling trip through the Silk Road in Iran and we don't have the bikes at the moment, so I wonder if instead of buying and carrying it on the flights it may be better just buy everything in Iran, flight light, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Bus or train - Portsmouth to Edinburgh- cheap

Having difficulty finding buses or trains to go  from Portsmouth to Edinburgh that will take a bike...this seems to be a problem in parts of Portugal, Spain and France....I took a blahblah car ride the other day (the owner was a cyclist and had bike transportation issues so totally squeezed me into his car!) and then rented a car for a section.  Thought UK would have been friendlier to my bike....any thoughts!? Ideas?

Cycling in South Sinai

I am flying to Tel Aviv in the end of November from where I want to do a cycling trip around Israel and Jordan.
I would also like to go to south Sinai with my bike. Anybody done that recently? I would like to enter Egipt at Taba or by boat from Aqaba. Than cycle to Sharm el Shaikh, El Tor, St. Catherine, Nuweibaa and back to Israel...
Is this doable, is it safe, are there many police check points or do they assign you a patrol or even take you to a certain (safe) point?

Help/info storage bags Auckland

Hello everybody, 

We are set for touring NZ by bycicle, yet we need a final bit of help: we would need to store a part of our luggage (two empty backpacks) in the region of Auckland for three months. Does anyone know a good place for a relatively low price?

Let us know if you have an idea!

Kind regards, 




PS: if anyone would be willing to store them, we will overload them with chips and chocolate :) (or anything else you like)! 


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