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Region and Country-Specific Information

This is the place to ask region or country-specific questions.

Oslo - Bergen/Rallarvegen by bike - looking for specific track information

Hi everybody,

I am planning a tour for later this year which includes cycling from Oslo to Bergen via the Rallarvegen and have some specific questions. I'd be really glad if people who know this area well could share some information.


1. The all wonderful proposed to handle the way between Myrdal and Upsete like this:

Is this really a suitable way for bikes (with luggage)?

2. Mapy found a way that mostly avoids the busy E16 from Vaksdal to Bergen:

How to get from Venice Marco Polo Airport into the Julian Alps with bikes but without cycling?

Hello all, 


Obviously the best way is to cycle, however i'm planning a week's tour and would like to maximise the great cycling parts and minimise the cycling through cities parts. 

So, does anyone have any experience getting from Venice to Udine or Gorizia with bikes in boxes? Do any locals know of a 'man with a van' I could hire? Is getting a train a viable option or is it more likely we will be told we can't travel with the bikes? 

Thanks in advance, 



Aventure direction Chili

Bonjour, meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle année qui s'offre à vous.

Fin janvier début février 2020. Un voyage de dernière minute vient de se déclencher (pour des raisons familiales) sur Santiago.J'aimerai concilier ma passion de découverte avec ce voyage inopiné.

Nous dirons que j'ai le temps devant moi.  J'envisage  un périple SOLO en vélo treks au départ de Santiago. Direction, inconnue. Nord, sud, est, ouest, ça se fera au feeling en fonction des rencontres. C'est habituellement mon mode de fonctionnement, rien de prévu à l'avance. Juste de la sécurité au maximum.

Berlin/Potsdam area

Hi, I plan to arrive in Berlin/Potsdam around 15th of April. I'm looking for a place to leave my bicycle and trailer for a few days. My plan is to take Flixbus to Utrecht (NL) to visit friends, come back after the weekend and ride on to Greece (via Italy).

So, I guess I also like to stay a night before and a night after my small sidestep :)

And ..... if anybody is interested to join me on that ride, we might discuss plans.

Happy 2020 with always tailwind ;)

Greetings from DK, Hans


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