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Region and Country-Specific Information

This is the place to ask region or country-specific questions.

Osaka to Tokyo with bicycle.

My friends and I are going to travel from Tokyo to Osaka by bicycles. However we have no enough time to make it back by bicycles too, so we are looking for a way to travel with bicycles on public transport from Osaka to Tokyo. 
I've checked out night buses, trains and planes – some don't allow travelling with bicycles, some are extremely expensive. 
Can anyone advice the best way to do it? I suppose there must be some suburban trains and we could make it to Tokyo using several trains connections.

Thanks in advance. 

Folks spotted touring in Israel - please see this!

I've never seen anyone with panniers in my homeland of Israel, until today!

2 cyclists, foreign looking (i. e. blonde :)), touring in the slice of nowhere that is Emek Heffer, where I grew up. By the time I made the u turn they dissappeared.

I'd love to help: recommendations, showers, hosting, whatever! Let me help. 

Hope y'all see this.

All the best,


Trans-Dinaric tour

Hey you lovely Warm Showers Community People!!

This is a general shout out for advice on my next tour. Im planning a 3 week self- supported trip in July this coming year; Starting in Zagreb and Finishing with Bar, Montenegro where we have family ties. I am planning on wildcamping 60% of the time. Can anyone lend logistical advice for how they managed their water? Rumour has it that there will be long stretches without so much as a small stream. That sounds dramatic to me and I'm hoping there will at least be a friendly person I can fill up from.

de lhassa à katmandou


Is someone did the road Lhassa to Katmandou recently and can give me informations on it ? can we ride free solo or we need guide and permit ..and group... and blabla ?

and if you have a good intinary to skip all de big truks on the main road?

one more thing is about the visa time, how can we get a bigger visa than the usual 30 short days ( by 2 by going out and in ) ?

i may prentend to try the trip in mars if the weather let me


see you, thank



Any place to park / lock / store a bicycle in Madrid for a month?

I will be going back home to Estonia from Madrid, Spain on 1 December for a month for Christmas, then returning to Madrid on 30 December to fly to South America from here. I want to take the bicycle with me to South America - but won't need my bike in cold winter weather of Estonia in the meantime and flying there and back with the bike with connecting flights x2 is extremely expensive and a very big hassle.


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