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Region and Country-Specific Information

This is the place to ask region or country-specific questions.

Cycling across Denmark

My wife and I are planning to ride from Copenhagen to Esjberg in August 2008. We intend to stay in hotels, staying first in Copenhagen for 3 nights, then travelling West at about 50-70 kms a day. Any tips or information would be appreciated, particularly about cycle paths along the route and the likely hotel accomodation available (does Denmark have hotel 'chains?') Maybe someone can recommend a map that shows the best cycling roads or paths? Feel free to email me directly at wordy (at) internode (dot) on (dot) net

Bike touring in Córdoba, Argentina

Hi everybody. I'm Eustaquio, 59 years old and bike lover. I have a bike shop and ride as much and oft as I can. My language is Spanish and therefore I ask for understanding for my English, which lacks vocabulary and correct grammar. Hope you understand me just the same. My town is Río Ceballos, some 30 km NNW from Córdoba city, our capital and main city of the state Córdoba. We have about 20,000 neighbours.

Looking for advice getting from Charles de Gaulle to a starting location

I am flying into Charles de Gaule on July 1 with the plan to tour around France/Italy for 2-3 months. I would like to get out of the airport to a country location to then set up the bike and start heading towards the Alps to hopefully catch some of the Tour de France. There is no set itinerary other than heading south east. I am hoping to be able to avoid going into Paris if possible. It is proving challenging figuring out trains at CDG other than those that go into Paris or TGV. One map implies a local train goes to Crecy la Chappelle, is that a good option?


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