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Region and Country-Specific Information

This is the place to ask region or country-specific questions.

NZ - Help! - Looking for 2 bikes in December!

Hii all, 

A cry for help now our whole bikeplan seems to fall apart...

My sister and I are in NZ from the 1st of December (arriving in Auckland) till the 23th of December (leaving from Christchurch) and planned to ride by car to Queenstown and bike back to Christchurch along the West Coast. Great plan, but the bikes we planned to hire are not available any more... (miscommunication...)

Trans-Siberian railway and China/Japan ferries?

We are making plans for a tour and would rather go overland than fly. Has anyone used the trans-siberian railways recently? Is it possible to put a bike on as extra luggage - not take it totally to pieces.... 

Does anyone know if you can take a bicycle on the Vladivostok to Japan ferry? and the Osaka to Shanghai ferry? or on any trains in China - down to Vietnam? 

We are heading for NZ so may not have a lot of time to cycle on the way.... any info on getting there from Asia without flying would be great!!

Stay free at Windcrest

I have a cabin near Yucca Valley CA just for cycle tourists. It is only 8 miles from Jousua Tree National Park. The problem is that there are few bicycle tourist to take me up on it. Getting here is easy. Take the Santa Anna River trail (from Huntington Beach). Then ride 10 miles through quiet neighborhood to reach continuation of Santa Ana Ruver trail to San Bernardino (20 miles). I haven't had a visitor since January! Craig Walker

Buy a bycicle and gear in Iran

Hi all,

Does anyone have an idea of the prices to buy cycling gear and a touring bike in Iran at the moment?

We are planning to start a cycling trip through the Silk Road in Iran and we don't have the bikes at the moment, so I wonder if instead of buying and carrying it on the flights it may be better just buy everything in Iran, flight light, etc.

Thanks in advance.


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