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Region and Country-Specific Information

This is the place to ask region or country-specific questions.

Cardboard bike box in El Calafate (Argentina)


I'm flying from El Calafate (Argentina) in the end of March 2020 by Air France.

Does anyone have any suggestions for finding a bike box in El Calafate or even better have a bike box they would be willing to sell/give away ? Or are there any bike shops you would recommend contacting for help with a bike box?

Thank you.


Hey guys 

I've been going to post this for weeks - so better late than never. i arrive Saturday afternoon from Shiraz with my bike in a box. Is is easy enough to get a van that will accommodate the bike box from DBX? Or is it best to get the bike out of the box and ride to the hotel and get another box for the onward flight on Tuesday? On that subject - how hard is it to find a box in Dubai? Maybe I can store the empty box at the airport somewhere and ride back to the airport and re use it?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



cycling around the world with type 1 diabetes


Currently planning a round the world trip, but needing help with buying insulin en route. 

I have arranged for friends and family to meet us with supplies along the way, however it would be really helpful to know what access i'll have in different countries in case of emergency. 

Does anyone live in any of the following countries and would know whether it's possible to buy insulin over the counter, or if needing a local doctor's prescription whether that's easy for a tourist to do:


Route suggestions - three weeks in Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia

Hi all,

we are two friends starting on October 1st, 2019 for a three-week cycling trip through Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia. We have a couple of places that we'd definitely like to visit but are flexible with our route to adapt to nice cycle routes, spots to visit or camp at, and to different weather conditions between the mountains and the coast. We've done some research in the following areas but experiences from other cyclists tend to add important details and tips so here is what we're looking for:

Torino to Barcelona

Hello Warmshowers hosts! My name is Kevin McCarley and I am from Alabama USA. With my good friend Guilherme Vancura (from Brazil) we are biking from Torino Italy to Barcelona, I started Aug 31st. This has been a dream adventure for us, we are not athletes, just regular guys doing a dream. We have camped, Couchsurfing and used Warmshowers only twice. We will be in Barcelona this weekend and would love very much to find a host for two nights maybe 3 if possible, we are currently in Colera today heading toward Girona. We hope to be in Barcelona Thursday or Friday.


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