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Region and Country-Specific Information

This is the place to ask region or country-specific questions.

Seeking help for bike shipping in Bucharest

Hello fellow WS friends!

Time flies incredibly fast and I can’t believe it but I am already reaching the end of my first tour having started in London now ending in Bucharest Romania. 

I am trying to ship my bike and bags out of Bucharest back to my home in Singapore, but am struggling to be able to lock down a place / address where I can use for the shipping company to deliver its boxes, and for collection. 


18th Sept - boxes delivered

23rd Sept - box collection

Bike bag for Thalys trains


I am going to be biking through France this fall and, at some point, will probably have to take a train from Amsterdam to Paris. I was wondering where I can buy one of the bike bags needed to take a dismounted bike on the train and roughly how much the bags cost. I would also be interested to know if anyone has taken a bike on FlixBus and has advice...

Thanks in advance!


EV6 Mulhouse to Saint-Nazaire - which bits to skip?

Three months since starting the EV6 at Constanta we're still running behind!

We have four weeks to get from Mulhouse to Saint-Nazaire and like to travel slow and stop when we find nice places or people.

So ... if we were to skip 25% - 50% of the route, which bits do you think are unmissable and should definitely not be missed - or which bits aren't so stunning that they could be missed?

New law regarding phones & cycling in the Netherlands

Dear cyclists,

as of July 1, 2019, phone use while cycling has been banned in the Netherlands, resulting in a 95 Euro fine if you are caught. 

I have noticed that many (international) cyclists who pass through the Netherlands are not aware of this new law. So when you need to use Google Maps to find your route or shower, use a mount or get off the bike and consult your phone!


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