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Region and Country-Specific Information

This is the place to ask region or country-specific questions.

Glasgow to Manchester route

Hi guys, 

Im currently in Glasgow and planning to head down through the lake district to Manchester, am looking for the best route with cycle lanes if possible to avoid a roads as much as possible, and good places to stop along the way. Anyone done this before? 

Also as a more general question, what apps/websites do you use to plan routes apart from this one...its my first trip so still learning! 




Train travel with bikes

My husband and 2 friends are about to embark on a bike trip through Europe. We are riding from Frankfurt to Saarsbrucken. We want to take the train from Saarsbrucken to Wurzburg with our bikes, what is the most economic way to take the train?

We will be there in 2 weeks, wondering how hard it will be to find places to stay along the way at this time of the year? 

The Balkans Croatia, Montenegro, Sarajevo, Albania, Greece


I'm cicying from Split to Greece, since now to the end of August, has anybody already visited it?any recomendation?nice hosts or proyectos to visit? I don't have all the route fixed, I have my tend and all with me, and it would be super nice to meet more cyclists!!!

If anybody wants to join also write me!

Have a good summer!!

Portsmouth parking request


My family are getting a ferry from Portsmouth to Caen on 20 August and then getting one back from St Malo on 30th August with cycle tour between. We are hoping there might be some one living in Portsmouth who can keep an eye on our car parked outside their house while we are away. That or suggestions of somewhere free and safeish to park.

Also any suggestions for best cheap accommodation near ferry. Having to get 08:15 crossing so need to arrive night before.

Many thanks Ian and Rachel and boys


Packing a bike in Vienna?

Hi there!

My fitst international cycle touring trip will end in vienna late August. I was wondering if anyone had packed their bikes for a flight and taken them from the city to the airport.  How did you do it?  I am flying to my starting point with my bike in a cardboard box with air canada and flying back with the same company.  My current plan is to find a bike shop that would have packing supplies and rhen somehow transport the box to the airport but there might be a better way?  Any helpful input is appreciated!


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