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Region and Country-Specific Information

This is the place to ask region or country-specific questions.

barcelona - san sebastian, route ideeas

hello all,

on 12th of july i will arrive to Barcelona and my plan is to ride to San Sebastian on my bycicle. This is part of a longer trip that started in Romania about one month ago, and will end somewhere in asturia on the coast. 

Any ideeas for the route i should take ? I don't mind hard climbs as long as the road is good, my bike is more tired then i am :))

I should mention that i travel with a tent and usualy camp in the wild, near rivers or lakes, or campings if nothing else possible.


thank you and any sugestions are welcomed,


Great Divide Bicycle Route road closures

A forest service representative in northwestern Montana warns cyclists on the Gread Divide Bicycle Route that Grave Creek Road will have intermittent closures for up to 11 hours. Closures will likely begin July 23 and run through July 25. The road will close at 0700 and open again at 1800 each day. Contact the FS office in Eureka for updates. 406-296-2536.



Bratislava bike and bag storage

Hi everyone,

I am cycling the eurovelo 6 with my partner and baby from east to west. I'll be arriving in Bratislava in about a week and meeting my parents who are coming to visit us from Ireland for a week. So we are going to get off the saddle for a few days, rent a car and head up into the mountains for a few days.

So, we need someone to store our 2 folding bikes and bike trailer for 3 days. As a car will not fit all of this as well as 4 adults and a baby. Does anyone know of somewhere in Bratislava that we could do this?

Many thanks,



Croatian Islands...Pitvice Lakes

I am in Zagreb.  Thinking of bussing (if bikes are allowed on bus) to Pitvice Lakes in Croatia. Reading online looks like some good trails and I want to see the waterfalls.  Any tips on this area (I am hoping to camp, there seems to be a couple spots).  Will one night and a full day and half be enough? And I want to get to the coast of Croatia - any tips, routes (flat as possible) to go? Or should I just try the bus!  Where should one start/end on the coast to start cycling on the islands?   I am eventually making my way to Italy.




Hi there,

Is anyone active in Estonia - either hosts or cyclists or both? I'm living here and wouldn't mind doing a few more long distance rides. Would be great to have some company or a warm shower. Get in touch if you're an active member.

Kind regards,



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