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Is this safe? (Personal Security)

The short answer is: You are responsible for your own personal security during all interactions with members, when you accept guests into your own home, or when you visit another member's home as a guest. does not control or participate in any of these interactions, so you alone must decide what is reasonable in your circumstances.

  • provides a way for members to meet and share hospitality, and provides information about members that they themselves provide or other members provide about them. But we do not have any way to vouch for the good intentions or the identity of any member. 
  • You alone are responsible for your security and safety. Use your good sense.
  • You choose how much information to post on your profile. You may include or omit your phone number; you may include or omit most parts of your address and location.
  • You are under no obligation at any time to invite anyone to your home. Even if they show up at your door after you've invited them, and you change your mind, you can find other alternatives, like having them camp on a lawn, or escorting them to a hostel.
  • If you're uncomfortable with having strangers visit you, or with staying with strangers, a hospitality network like this might not be for you. That's OK.


(For a longer answer, visit Personal Security in the community and read the Terms of Use).