Here are some links to other sites you might be interested in:

Cycling Organizations

  • Adventure Cycling - Great organization, mostly US-oriented.
  • - Excellent information about transporting bikes on any type of transport
  • Cicloturismo Peru provides free hospitality, advice on route planning, maps, mechanical assistance, baggage storage and fowarding, etc, to all bike tourists arriving in Lima, Peru. Member Anibal Paredes.

Hospitality Networks

Mapping and Routing Resources




Hi There,

Just an idea as a subsite for the links site: one where people can find links to touring (or not anymore touring) cyclists. I think to add all those links to the current site, will drown the current (much more interesting) links out; I would make it into a seperate links site. Both touring (and not anymore touring) cyclists and people looking for a nice story may appreciate this option!

Ben is a website for people who like to camp in somebodies garden. It's not free, but you pay a small amount and it is really fun to do.
It started in the UK, so there are many gardens, but it is spreading over the world.