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iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone Mobile Apps Available

Update September 2015: All three apps require their latest version to be able to work with the security requirements of the new server software deployed October 13, 2015. Older versions will all be broken, and there is no workaround. Android versions before 1.5.0, released in June, 2015, iOS versions before 5.0 (October, 2015), and Windows Phone versions before (October, 2015) are all completely nonfunctional after October 13, 2015. There is no workaround.

We have apps for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Phone, so members who use devices like those have another way to access our community.



Map pin colors

Which platform are you using, Markus? iPhone or Android?

On the Website, the map shows two colors of pins - blue and red. The red pins are individual members. The blue pins indicate there are too many members in that area to show separate red pins at the current map resolution.

When you zoom in on the map the blue pins will eventually become discrete red pins.


Thank you Mark. Have nice day.

iPhone app: Blue pins are favorites

On the iPhone/iPad app, red pins are hosts and blue pins are hosts that you have favorited.

On the Android app, there is just one type of marker.


Thank you Randy! It's a great job, you are doing here. I'm using an iPad.

The help button explains

On the IOS App the "help" button explains the colors of the pins. It only appears in two of the sections, not in the map section.

Application for Symbian

I am still using Nokia phone, and would like to use on this phone too. Do you know something about? Are there any plans for Symbian or I will have to change my phone? Please advise.

Not yet . . .

Hello, Krolikowskis,

We rely on volunteers to create and maintain the Warmshowers apps.

If someone with the skills, interest, and dedication to create an app for Nokia / Symbian steps up, wonderful!

Until then, we can only offer iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.


Of course if you phone can

Of course if you phone can browse the web, you can use the site directly, although it's not designed for mobile (we hope to do that someday too).

The 3 apps we have were developed by volunteers "scratching their own itch."

... and Windows Phone

There is also a Windows Phone app that runs on the more recent crop of Nokia phones. It won't work on the older Symbian OS however.

Application for Symbian & Nokia phones

Thank you, now it is clear. Of course I could use Warmshowers straight, without any application but it would be painful and very costly. So I need to buy new smartphone, with iOS or Android on board.
Thanks a lot!

... and Windows Phone

There is also a Windows Phone app that runs on the more recent crop of Nokia phones. It won't work on the older Symbian OS however.

No option to 'Send Message' from app


I'm using the iPhone app and it works very well to search for hosts, however, there does not appear to be an option to 'send message' to a potential host. The first time I used it I phoned the host and although she was fine with a call she would have preferred an email. So now I've learned to search using the app then I open WS website via my browser and lookup the host and use the 'send message' option there. Could you include an option to email a host directly from the app? That would be great.


Just to say THANK YOU for the

Just to say THANK YOU for the Android app!

It is simple, size can be adjusted (full screen), it is fluid, not complete but largely enough to find host when riding! For missing feature, there is email and website :)

Keep it very simple (not like c0uch$urfing app... a nightmare)

app for ios6 ?

I have an iphone 3gs which can't be upgraded beyond ios6. Is there still a version of warmshowers for iphone that runs on ios6? I'd love to be able to use it.

app for ios6 ?

> I have an iphone 3gs which can't be upgraded beyond ios6. Is there still a version of warmshowers for iphone that runs on ios6?

Hi Terri,

What happens when you try to install it from the app store from your iPhone? Sometime ago Apple started offering app versioning, which meant older versions of the app would remain available for those with older versions of iOS. I believe this was done before the latest release of the warmshowers app (which is for iOS 7 only).


Hi Chris, It won't let me

Hi Chris,

It won't let me install: "This application requires IOS 7.0 or later. You must update to iOS 7.0 in order to download and use this application".


app for ios6 ?

Hi Terri,

I'm surprised to hear this. I was certain that Apple started versioning apps before I released the iOS7 version. I regret I don't have a solution for you.

App versioning

I know this post is over a year old, but there is a workaround to download apps that have versioning. You have to download the app on your computer in the iTunes App Store, using the same Apple ID on your phone. Next, when you try to download the app on your iPhone, if your iOS version is not compatible with the current version of the app, it will ask if you want to download the last compatible version of the app instead. I have done this with many apps.

Thanks for the heads up

Thanks for the heads up regarding the broken link. I'll contact the person who created the app and see what we can do.



Hi. When I search for a host i cannot view their details. It brings my own profile information instead. Is this normal? Or is there something I am not doing right. Thanks:)

Android App - direct download - F-Droid marketplace


Thank you for programming the android app. This is very helpful for travellers.

The link that points on the direct download seems to be defect. -> direct Download

I would like to install the Android app but have no GooglePlay. You know that GooglePlay is the largest marketplace for Android apps.

If you installed the GooglePlay app on your Android this also a vehicle for other Google apps that will be installed automacticly.

If you want a googlefree System like cyanogenmod ( your Android you need to have a different marketplace for apps too (or a direct download)

Actually F-Droid ( is the marketplace of my choice.

I can't find the warmshowers app at F-Droid. This is not a drama because I will find a workarround for that. But it would be a nice feature for the android app to be listed there. An alternative, of course would be a link to a direct download. If you could handle that, it would be nice!

best regards, cyclone

Fixed android direct download link

I fixed the android app direct download link, but I don't think I'll maintain this in the future. Since we require Google Play Services, does it make any sense to maintain a separate download location? It seems that everybody needs Google Play anyway. Let me know if that's wrong.

[Edit: The direct download link is now removed for the reasons here.]

replicant has f-droid only

thats actually wrong

on my phone, the OS is
and my only app store is F-droid, I have no google services on my phone

the dropbox apk doesn't install on my phone, I guess it has some google dependencies.
I hope I'll find some time to dig in this issue to make it working

If you don't have time to get it in F-droid, I'll try to push it myself

thanks for this app anyway :)