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bicycle flying with air singapore

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bicycle flying with air singapore

I am flying from the US to Singapore with a bicycle, has anybody carried a bicycle with air singapore?
they say it is allowed but "maximum 62 inches for the sum of the three dimensions"...ridiculous!

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Bike boxes were OK

We flew with them from Barcelona to Hanoi and back last winter, we used large bike boxes from the local bike shop without any problems. The only thing they checked was the weight, as usual. Size was not checked.
But, I have noticed that airlines flying from the US seem to have different condition.

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Flying with bikes

We just flew from Paris to Cairns, Australia with Cathay Pacific. We had two bikes in cardboard boxes, and the travel agent had notified the airline we would have boxed bikes. We encountered no problems and the bikes were swiftly taken away with the weight hardly looked at. They arrived in Cairns without any damage to boxes or bikes. We did however have to open the bikes in Australia at customs so that possible soil could be looked at on bikes. This was not a problem.

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