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Prince Edward Island, Canada Confederation Trail

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Prince Edward Island, Canada Confederation Trail

Just curious if anyone has cycled the Confederation Trail on PEI anytime recently. Feedback on any part of your trip would be wonderful, we are travelling with children and hoping to avoid any larger mistakes! We are also curious if you are able to camp at the side of the trail and what the trail conditions of the trail might be like (we will be there in late July). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Prince Edward Island, Canada Confederation Trail


I live on PEI and would be happy to try to answer. Lots of people come here to cycle on the trail. It is not the kind of place where you would camp at the side of the trail. There are a variety of camp grounds, bed and breakfasts and other types of accommodations though.

So far, we are having a late start to summer after the snowiest winter on record. You will need warm clothes for the evenings and nights - high humidity is very rare.

Because the trail follows the rail bed, it passes through the centre of the Island. The most easterly portion is the only part that goes through the coastline. The National Park has some great biking trails - there are some hills along the way to get there though - and there is a new trail from Brackley down to Charlottetown. You could easily spend rest days in Cavendish/Brackley/Greenwich and in Charlottetown. There is lots to do.

In terms of cycling with children, the trail is fairly flat and there are services fairly frequently. There are a lot of mosquitoes this year - not sure if there might be fewer by the end of July. The bat population is suffering and the mosquitoes are taking advantage of it! Anywhere by the coast is generally better than on the trails. The trail is crushed gravel - sometimes quite fine and sometimes a bit larger. A mountain bike or hybrid would work.

There is only one full service bike shop on PEI. It is located in Charlottetown. There is a bike repair shop in Summerside and some other places like Canadian Tire, Walmart, or Sport Check where you could buy accessories. It would be best to bring what you think you may need.

Anyhow, if you have more questions, feel free to ask. It would be worth checking with the other Warm Showers hosts to see if you could plan some stays.

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