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Narita Airport and Tokyo camping

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Narita Airport and Tokyo camping


Im completely new to Warm Showers but have experienced couch surfing and have been recommended to join here so though I'd get involved so sorry if this is in the completely wrong place haha!

I was just wondering how feasible it would be to cycle out of Narita airport to downtown Tokyo? I can't seem to find any maps with cycle paths listed or is it ok to cycle on the roads in Tokyo?

Also I've read that urban camping is done in Tokyo, any suggested parks?

Thanks in advance, if anyone has a route/experience/advice it will be awesome!!



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Please ask people in Tokyo directly. Locals know the best places

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campground in japan

there some campgrounds in tokyo

but it is most for day use and student party

it is not easy to get some information as all the web site are in japanese (as often )

to find campground (キャンプ場 ) in japan

lot of read

homeless people sleeps in tokyo 's park or in the streets but It is not a good idea for you not for the safety but because police will ask you to go in an hotel

in japan you can cycle on the road (not expressway of course) and even on sidewalk

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Narita Airport - Downtown Tokyo?

Hello David!
I have the same question. Seems like the bike trip downtown can be made. How did you go?

We're checking our options as well cause our flight arrives to Narita quite late, and I don't know if we'll be ready to ride downtown first thing after a long flight in an enormous unknown city!

Any advice much appreciated!

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Hey there David I just came from 3months cycling in Japan and did exactly the same thing cycling from Narita to my Warmshowers host in chofu and can absolutely guarantee you can cycle there, the Japanese are extremely cautious drivers and stick to the roads as some sidewalks become very narrow and a loaded touring bike can be a tight squeeze at times. Camping in Japan can be done pretty much everywhere, know one should bother you. Also being a foreigner in Japan special exemptions are given to us, but you'll work this out quickly.

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Hi David, (I just saw this

Hi David, (I just saw this post, sorry if is too late)

This is James Oda the administrator of two cycling touring groups in Japan, I hope you can find a lot of useful information and friends.

1) "Bicycle touring, hiking and friends in Japan"

You can find practical advice and tips for life on the road and mountains in Japan but also good friends.
Take a look in the "files" folder, we have a Survival Japanese for cyclist (Japanese, English, German and Spanish), and a lot of downloadable files for different spots.

2) "Free Camping and Hot Springs in Japan"

I'm building a Guide Map of Totally Free Camping and free Hot Springs (Onsen) all over Japan, the information is in English (Already finished Hokkaido with 100 campsites and 20 free hot springs), and also contains photos, locations, contacts, warnings of bear in zones, facilities, there are many Free Camping with FREE LOG HOUSES!!

Will keep uploading to get the full map that will contain over 500 sites, if you are already in Japan and need some specific place PM on facebook (

I hope that helps!

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