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BEECI - Bike Through Europe for Environement and Citizens' Initiatives

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BEECI - Bike Through Europe for Environement and Citizens' Initiatives

Hi everybody!
We are Léa and Florent from Troyes in France.
We are Warmshowers members for 2 wonderful years. We’ve hosted as many people as we could, enjoying their travel stories from all around the world.
The diversity of Warmshowers members we’ve met enriched incredibly our life and so we got the travelling bug.
Around one year ago, we’ve hosted 2 english guys at the end of their 17 months bike tripe around the world. The were very cool, original, colored and friendly. We spent very good time with them dreaming on journey when they where showing their pictures and telling stories. After they left our flat, we felt like something void or missing in our life.
In the night after we decided to start to prepare this journey.
We have already traveled indifferent countries. But what we want now is to develop our thought toward the journey, not only the destination.
We also don’t want to do this journey only for ourselves. We want it to have a purpose that everyone could share.
So we decided to launch the BEECI project : Bike through Europe For Environment and Citizens’ Initiatives.
You can find any information about the project here :!version-anglaise/c21yw
We’ll start our tour in march 1st 2016.
Until this date, we’ll prepare our journey.
As you can see in the website and in the video, we need your help. Particularly, we are looking for citizens, associations, companies, etc, in Europe, proceeding to initiatives for sustainable development, to define precisely our route and to make articles about them.
I hope you will enjoy our project and send to us a lot of idea of initiatives to visite and promote as example for everyone.
See you soon on the road!