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Croatia? Cycling across the beach...

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Croatia? Cycling across the beach...

I'm in croatia right now, I wanna cycle all across the beach line of crotia is is possible? There is a road?

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Cycling on the shore of Adriatic sea

Yes, it's possible. There is a special road called Adriatic Highway (Jadranska Magistrala).
I wouldn't recommend that road as it is crowded with traffic on most parts, especially during the season.
What I would suggest you instead is to take a route through the coastal islands - there are plenty of them, the ferries between them are very pleasant and quite cheap and you avoid most of the traffic that way.
Been there, done that - you can see a detailed route we've taken this year on our blog -
Hope it will inspire you:)

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Wow your answer was right on

Wow your answer was right on spot thank you us much!!!
I would like to ask one more question. Background: I cycle from Amsterdam to berlin to Prague and then berlin to Belgium to Paris but then I ran out of visa so I had to go fast so I simply left my bike in Paris and took a bus to croatia now I have 2 more months to my euro trip before I'll head to India and I thought about simply walk the beach of croatia all the way west to east. I have been told it's really rough and I should start in zadar and go to Dubrovnik ... Is it really like that? Can I start more north west or there is no way to walk there? Is it possible to walk from zadar to Dubrovnik ? My plans were really inturepted by this visa thing and now I don't know what to do... Tell me how logic is to walk this beach if you have some info about that..
And thanks for all the help!!!! Adam

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