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Touring Hungary

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Touring Hungary

We are in the early stages of planning a 2 week self supported cycle tour of Hungary. We will fly into and out of Budapest in April/May 2016. Any suggestions on a a two week route around the country would be much appreciated. Actually, any tips, thoughts, or advice would be wonderful!

Philip & Meilani

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Two weeks touring Hungary

Hello Philip & Meilani,

May I ask please what are your interest and some details?
- nature, museums, cities, spa, culture...?
- wild camping / countryside guest house / hotel,motel? (If WS is not available)
- are you fancy with busier roads, or you prefer cycleways?
- how much is your daily average?
- are you happy with ups&downs, or prefer flat?
- do you like riversides, lakes, or mountains, forests? Or a bit of everything? ;)
- are you happy to take a train sometime (gives more freedom to see more)?

There are so much more criteria, that determine your plan. These are just the first few ideas came into my mind.

Zita and Árpi

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Touring Hungary

Hello Zita & Arpi,
First off, I must tell you that I read your warmshowers entry 2 hours ago and then I started reading about your amazing world trip! Wonderful reading for a raining morning. Thank you so much!

As for our trip, we hope to spend a couple days in Budapest just "soaking in" the city. We like a mix of museums and culture. Philip enjoys cities but I am more of a country girl. We are pretty fit and don't mind long days in the saddle. On average we do anywhere between 70-100 kilometers a day. Because we can only travel for 2.5 weeks,
we travel very light.

We wild camp, stay in campgrounds, or use Warmshowers hosts. We try to be very frugal but not to the point where we will suffer......too much :)

We love riding in the countryside on less traveled good quality roads but we have found ourselves on some pretty awful roads and always managed. We don't mind taking a train occasionally if it will help our tour.

We are thinking of going from Budapest > Vienna > Prague and then back thru Slovakia to Budapest. Honestly, we are in the beginning phases of our trip and have not had much time to plan because of work. I have a garden business and thus my work is seasonal. I will have more time and energy to put into the trip starting in November.

I tore my ACL in my knee mountain biking this summer and will have reconstructive surgery in November. I have 5 months to rehab my knee but I'm thinking that the less hills I have to climb the better!

Thank you so much for your help!

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Suggestions on Cycle Tour

Hello Again,
We are hoping you can help us with our travel plans. We will be flying into Budapest with our own bicycles in April 2016. We arrive late in the afternoon and need to get to Prague by train. Question: Is it possible and safe to ride from the airport to the Keleti Up Train Station and if so, what is the best cycle route.
Another thought: we stay the night in Budapest and explore the city the next day and leave that evening for Prague. We will either spend a day in Budapest at the start of our trip or at the end. We will cycle from Prague > Vienna > Budapest via The Greenway Trails and Danube Bike Trail.
Last but not least, would you be able to host us for one evening before our tour or after? We are self supported and would just need some floor space.

Thank you very much,
Meilani & Philip

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Here is the best route from the Airport to the Keleti Pu.:
Stay on the right side of the road after leaving the airport, never take the bridges in the middle, you can pass trough intersections with the traffic lights too, the bridges are dangerous and would lead you to the fast-road, which is not allowed to cycle and take you to a bad direction anyway. So stay on the right side of the road until you turn right to Felsőcsatári út and then ride on cycle lanes almost all the way to the railway station.

Probably we can host you too, but please let us know the exact dates in a message and we will let you know if we are available or not.
Have a great ride!
Zita and Arpi :)

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Travel plans

Thank you for the information. Much, much appreciated. The route doesn't look as bad as we thought!

We are still working on our 2.5 week long itinerary and as soon as we know, we will message you the date we will be in Budapest.

Best Regards,
Meilani & Philip

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