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Belgrade - Serbia - Onto the Balkans

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Belgrade - Serbia - Onto the Balkans

Well our grand tour hasn't really worked out as planned for a number of reasons so we've bitten the bullet, caught a few buses and trains and are now in Belgrade. With winter coming, we want to base ourselves here, store a lot of our heavier gear we are not using and do smaller trips out and back, hopefully taking either a bus or train one way so we get to more places. So..

1. Any warm showers hosts in Belgrade who would like to meet up for coffee/beer/information exchange. We don't need hosting but would still love to make contact with the cycling community here. My Serbian number is 064 927 4519

2. One trip we are very interested in is the Djerdap (Iron Gates) national park. We were hoping to take the bus to Kladovo and cycle to Golubac then bus it back to Belgrade in 3 days. is it possible to put our bikes under the bus in Serbia so we don't have to ride the whole way? If so, is there a particular bus company who will do this?

3. We'd also like to take the bikes on the train to Podgorica and Bar and then ride up to Split. Has anyone had experience of bikes on this particular train.

Thanks in Advance. Hope to talk to some people here soon.

Sharyn and Tim

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Few tips

Hi folks,
I'm originally from Belgrade and I've toured extensively through Balkans.
Few tips:
1) I'm not connected with cycling community there but you can get connected through FB Critical Mass Belgrade group

2)Most bus companies will take bikes without any special packaging required, but they will charge you a fare. You just have to make sure to get the info in advance on which bus has the room, ie the ones that are not fully booked.

3)I've biked from Bar to Pula in 2005 and the that route is the most challenging route I've ever taken. Lost of steep hills and quick elevation gains, narrow shoulders and curves and some sections that are inaccessible to cyclist, particularly entering Split. However, the scenery is stunning and people are great! If you decide to do it, make sure you bring plenty of water and rain gear, as rain showers can be intense and there are some long stretches that are dessert-like with no water access, particularly close to Šid.

Good luck and safe travels.

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Bikes on Train from Belgrade to Bar

Just an update on the bikes on the train from belgrade to Bar. There were no issues. We just loaded them in the back of the carriage and locked them together. We were charged 100 Serbian (just under 1 Euro) each for the Serbian side and 4 Euro each on the Montenegro side.

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