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iOS (iPhone/iPad) app must be upgraded to 5.0

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iOS (iPhone/iPad) app must be upgraded to 5.0

The IOS app for Warmshowers, version 5.0 is available in the app store. It seems to work well for most people with IOS 9, but there are problems with IOS 8, and Chris has submitted a new version to Apple - it takes about a week before it appears in the app store.

For people who have trouble, most have been successful by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.

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App keeps crashing on me after updating

I updated the app to the new 5.0 version and reinstalled it, but now the app just closes when I try to open it. All I see is the WS icon and then it closes.

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I'm experiencing the same

I'm experiencing the same issue with the new version. Any thoughts?

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