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2016: Tajakistan

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2016: Tajakistan

Hi Folks,

Edited: one big loop from Dushanbe to Dushanbe tracking the Afghan border through the valley then up and either along the Pamir (if time is limited) or (more likely) the upper valley route.

06 May - 08 June

Flights from Istanbul, visa on arrival (30 days).

Mostly camping or cheap hostelling etc, living like Nomads.



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heading east in 2016

Hey Andrew. I'm looking forward to get back on the road around February next year. I will probably start in portugal or marocco heading east through europe. I also have the idea to cycle the pamir highway. don't know when and how but would be awesome.

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Hello, a few replies went to

Edited N/A

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Start cycling in January

Hey. I start cycling in Morocco int he end of January. So I don;t really know when I will be somewhere close to Pamir Highway.

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Super intense. When and where

Super intense. When and where ya leaving from?

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I and another are thinking

I and another are thinking June July time, but the idea is flexible. Probably we'll hop on a plane to avoid Europe, or at least the western side of it. My end point will probably be Nepal, and it seems the other guy is interested in that too (we've both been and love it).

I keep reading things like this: :)

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My schedule for 2016 should

My schedule for 2016 should be pretty flexible (for now). I'm keen in the ride but I'm riding a folding bicycle.

I'm from Asia so I guess we will meet in China should we do the trip together.

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will be in May/June in the region. Probablx I'll ride an alternative like Wakhan or Bartang valley.


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The Wakhan route is only

The Wakhan route is only split from the Pamir highway for a short section, but yes it is well worth it if you have the extra few days.

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It's definitely going ahead,

It's definitely going ahead, I'm just beginning to research the visa process (seems I need two beforehand). Otherwise, my bike and kit are ready to go. There's a Belgian girl very much up for it as well.

The proposed route for part one is the orange line along the bottom. It will require wide tyres!

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I think my plans are all over

I think my plans are all over the place again after a chat with a friend.

Instead of starting in the US and Canada next year, I think I will start in China (in March). I will be taking the trains in China onwards to Central Asia and making my way to Europe. Yes, so I may be able to join parts of your tour :)

I'm keen to do part cycle part marshrutka/bus in Central Asia if it's not too tough as I'm on a folding bicycle. Definitely can't go on the pass.

Let's keep each other in the loop of the plans in the event that our paths may cross :)

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In Istanbul heading that way

Hi there

I'm aiming to be there around May. I was hoping to do both highways as part of my trip. Investigating visas right now. I think I've found a way to get the Chinese in Bishkek but the Pakistani is proving tricky.
I'm cycling on my own and loving it but that part I'd love to do it in company. Could we keep in touch and maybe do some bits together if it works out?
Warning: I can go forever but I'm slow!

Happy planning!

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Hi Blanca,

be sure that you don't apply the reference number in March. The office in Teheran is closed in this time for about 4 weeks.
Not sure about the consulates . Think so they're working reduced.

Will be in Iran mid of April. So it's not impossible for a meetup

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Hi. Thanks Peter. What do

Hi. Thanks Peter. What do you Jean by reference number and which embassy is closed.? So sorry but I didn't understand what you meant?



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Hi Blanca

in every case the Ministry of Foreign affairs is closed the whole March. This administration send you the reference number what you need at the consulate of your choice.
Heard that the all consulates have reduced opening times. But no experience in this.

So apply your number early in advance.

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I've had a few private PM's

I've had a few private PM's regarding this, so to cover the lot in one hit, here's the response...

There is no max number of joiners on this one, but everyone should be prepared to go their own way as this isn't an organised tour :). Some undoubtedly will, I'm sure some will end up wanting to go slower, or faster, or ride alone for a day and so on. As long as everyone has a good time and is prepared to split when they desire it, there should be no problems. Personally, if you can curse and smile when things get tough, that's the right approach to have. I don't need to know how many cats you have.

I'll likely be starting from Dushanbe simply because it's visa free. Usually it requires flying from Istanbul, I think? Personally I want to do the Karakoram and end up in Nepal. I've yet to begin the visa process for this.

Cheers, A.

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From Kashmir to Passu? Don't believe you can cycle it anymore. Bus from Tashkurgan. If by chance you get a Pakistani bus they might let you ou at the pass.

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We have a date!

We have a date!

The 5th July (+/- a few days after).

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If i make it in time I will

If i make it in time I will be totally up for joining! Hoping to make it to Istanbul by beginning of may, so may be unrealistic to make it by 5 July! Keep me updated though ☺️

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From Istanbul to Pamir and China

Dear Jaimi, dear all,

I will also be riding Central Asia in spring, Pamir in late summer, I guess.
I will start in the end of March from Vienna, Austria. To Istanbul I project about 2300 to 2500 km, so arriving there in maybe two months from then, which would be end of May...? Could be too late to meet you there but maybe it's possible.
In order to ride Pamir I want to start from Dushanbe by the end of August at the latest.
I already wrote Andrew in November that I would like to join him and whoever is around at Pamir, but it looks like he will do a little different route now.
I'm excited to hear from you Jaimi and others who are around Dushanbe in August going eastwards! :-)

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Hi Verena,

don`t worry. In August you`ll meet masses of other cyclists on the Pamir Highway.
Try myself to go at the Wakhan or Bartang valley. Both alternatives are tougher but less busy than the Pamir Highway.


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Hey verena

Hey verena

For sure...I'm hoping to get to Istanbul by the start of May...I want to give myself the best chance to do the pamir highway while the weathers good plus there's some high passes in China to conquer after that before getting to the warmer climates of south east Asia!

But for sure if be up for buddying up spleen in contact and hopefully it will be possible! Would be great to do at least parts of the route with some company!


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I'm going to be on the Pamir around May/June if anyone wants to ride together!

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Pamir in May/June 2016

Hi Maarten,
I plan to start from Osh to Dushanbe (East to West) end of May/early June and maybe see you on the road.
Peace and all the best.

Paul Kim from Corea/Italy

PS: Rode through NL last year and passed your town in Ultrecht towards Rotterdam

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pamir june

we are in bichkek, we will cross the tajik boarder on 15th June, Wackhan to Dushanbe... Maybe we can share some kilometers together...
See you on the road.
Bichkek - Dushanbe - Ouzbek - Turkmen - Iran - ... back home to Switzerland

Jonas & Emma


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See you on the road

Hi Jonas and Emma,

will cross the uzbek/tajik border at 10th July. Heading from Iran.
So think so no chance to cycle together. Almost no reason not for a meet-up.

Of course no chance to miss you. There are not so much roads.


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Pamir and Karakoram

Hello! Nice to hear that a lot of us is interested. I plan to ride both, Pamir and Karakoram in 2016. Last year I started around world trip from Montenegro, and now I am at home for 2 months break. I will come back to Iran and continue trip. I will go to Tehran in mid April, and continue to Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan. In Dushanbe I would like to arrive in mid June and prepare for Pamir. After Pamir, Kyrgistan, China, and Karakoram to Paksitan. In late August/September I would like to reach Karakoram because in lower Paksitan/India it will be extremely warm. After Karakoram: Islamabad - Lahore - India - Nepal

How do you plan to travel between Pamir and Karakoram? If your start date for Pamir is 5 July, when do you plan to do Karakoram?
I would like to join your group if its possible, especially for Karakoram highway.

All the best,

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HI again,

HI again,

There's no numbers or requirements, you turn up, you're in. I guess there's about ten people or thereabouts thinking about it in some way!

I'll start looking at the Chinese & Pakistan visa processes next month.

Someone mentioned the route at the Chinese border for the Karakoram is closed, but I thought that was just the part you are made to do it by bus. Anyone heard anything else?

Worth mentioning the UK Foreign Office has issued a travel advisory warning for south Tajikistan (Afghan border) which was the proposed route (through the Valley) instead of the Pamir Highway.


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don`t think that the KKH is closed.
As far I know the Situation seems pretty safe now. You have to take the bus between Tashkurgan and Sust and the Ferry crossing Lake Attabad. Be sure you`d known this before.

Normally you have to apply the chinese visa in Bishkek. Think so there`s no other place to get it.
Have a safe trip

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Istanbul seems the best method of insertion. About £250 direct into Dushanbe on Turkish. Other options are Frankfurt (one day a week) and Dubai.

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Tajikistan Visa & GBAO Pass

Visa on arrival for:

GBAO permit ($4 USD):

OVIR Dushanbe
Address: Mirzo Turzunzade Street 5 (map) – N38.57126, E068.7972 or 38.571829, 68.796566
Tel. 227 67 22 (no English)
Opening hours: 8am-5pm

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A nod to you

Hey man. Ill be doing the Pamir Highway a similar time, but unfortunately I have to start in early / mid June.
Maybe see you out there? If i come across pertinent planning information ill send it your way.


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Pamir highway in late May - east>west

Hi Andrew and others !

I am from Vienna, 32 years old and I am a newbie here - I will do the Pamir highway starting mid May 2016 from Osh around May 15th (coming from Bishkek where I will start my tour on May 6th) . If anyone is up to sharing a few days on the road in east-western direction at that time I'd be glad.
Anyway I will shure meet a lot of you guys on the road as most of you go the other direction - looking forward to have a chat on the roadside and exchange info!



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Change of Plan

It's booked, there's two of us arriving May 6th and flying back June 8th. One big loop Dushanbe to Dushanbe. If you want to meet up for any part of it let me know. Cheers, Andrew

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Pamir Highway any day now

Hi All. Are any of you in Dushanbe or coming here any time now? I've been on the road for a while, left London last July and I love cycling in my own but would love to join someone for this stretch of my trip. Drop me a line if you're on the same boat. Cheers

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