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Lack of answers - Creating regional warmshowers mailing lists?

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Lack of answers - Creating regional warmshowers mailing lists?

It's a thought. The reason: When I'm on the road and heading to a greater city with a lot of hosts, I do not know whom I can write with the prospect of success. The option somebody is "available" is an unreliable indicator. Though this option was active, I often got no answer while crossing Canada. Or the answer "unfortunately I'm not at home in this time". But available. OK. Yes I know, people forget simply to care for the right settings. This is human. And I as a potential guest with limited options to go online and check mails while I'm on the road can't ask 5-10 hosts or more at once to find the one.
But I as a host, if I'm available, but unfortunatley not in that days, I could forward the request to other hosts in my town. This could make a mailinglist useful. It's only another click instead of declining. So another host could answer on the request instead of me.

To make it easier to find the members who take part in such a mailingslist on the WS platform can get characterized with a special symbol or another colour.

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Lack of answer - multiple recipient?

Other option may be to create a way to craft a single mail to multiple "available" host, so that they are involved together, transparently and at the same time in organizing the host. This way gives also the option to the traveler to choose among the potential hosts that look "more interesting" and put the hosts in contact between them too.

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Alternatively an app that

Alternatively an app that lets you draw out a route and finds members nearby would be useful (it seems). Like Gas Buddy and Google Maps.

Chandler, who failed to respond to the only person who contacted me this year.

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There are Apps für Android

There are Apps für Android and iOS as well. But they don't show the realibity of a host. Therefore I need the web browser.

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online groups

Thanks Felix for this post

we've got a Warmshowers group on online applications. We, Iranian potential hosts, are in contact together every day. if my friend has a guest in Western Iran, I'm informed in North! or if any host goes on trip, all potential hosts are informed about it

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Personally I'd prefer to see

Personally I'd prefer to see those hours of work going in to making the host search functional with filters etc.. (and that is in the pipeline) but the mapped public trip idea isn't bad and has been requested for a variety of reasons (eg: to overlay it on the WS host map when searching for hosts in long trips).

see also:

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My experience matches with

My experience matches with the actual WS statistics about the responsiveness to private messages/hosting requests, decreasing from 81 to 68% in the last two years. This trend depreciates the usability of WS generally.

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Yep, this is a recognised

Yep, this is a recognised problem and has been discussed extensively on the forums, a feature to filter host searches is being worked on.
-Searching for hosts by feedback |
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-Host searching filters |

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Regional mailing lists

transparency is the key here - when I get a request, I do find it useful to know whether a request has been sent to others in my area. I am aware that , although replying with a "yes, there is sometimes then a delay until getting confirmation from the guest - whilst they wait for other replies in the hope of choosing the host that fits their wants, best. that then leaves potential hosts in limbo, unable to be accepting any later request for the same period., pending the confirmation....

However, precisely for the reasons you mention, two months ago I wrote to all the WS listed people in my area (Christchurch , NZ) to try to find out how many listed people are actually hosting. From that it appeared that less that a quarter are hosting. I now pass that list on to WS requestees when I am unable to host. My difficulty is in keeping that list up to date when new hosts join.

I suppose that WS admins could go the way of the CS website (shudder) but I much prefer, and appreciate the informality, the personal nature and the noncommercial aspects of WS despite these little hiccups. :-)

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