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Selling a second hand city bike in Geneva. Only 150 euros with everything!

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Selling a second hand city bike in Geneva. Only 150 euros with everything!

Hi there! My name is Unjung Paek and I'm a student from South Korea studying politics and playing football! Now I'm traveling since 20th of September.

My bike travel started this Monday from Zurich. In the beginning of my travel I didn't have a bike and of course had no plan to travel by bike. But after renting a bike and riding it in a few cities. I decided to buy one and travel by it. Finally I bought a second hand bike in Berlin.

I took bus from Germany to Zurich. And I rode from Zurich to Lucerne, Lucerne to Interlaken, and Interlaken to Bern, Bern to Lausanne. Today I'm riding to Geneva!

I bought a second hand bike for 250 euros in Berlin and I rode about 400km in total. My bike has two automatic lights in the front and the back each. Also it has a basket on the back wheel which can bear up to 25kg. I have a solid and big lock with two keys too!

I would appreciate your reply. Thanks and hope you have a good day!


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Hi Unjung. I might be interested. My bike was stolen in Paris. I will look for some offers here. But if not, I could go to Geneve (my plan was to go to Lyon after Paris, so Geneve its not that far to get the bike). I would like to see more pictures though; specially of the back basquet and maybe one with you as scale. Im used to big bikes and this one looks small in the picture. thanks!!