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Hosting Wanted Sub-Forum


Would it be appropriate to have a Host Wanted sub-forum, like the Companions Wanted sub-forum?

A tourist could then post his/her tentative schedule or itinerary in the post and hosts could proactively respond with invitations. This could save a lot of effort (and sometimes frustration on rejections) to the tourist. I have already seen hosts spontaneously reply to Companions Wanted posts with invitations to stay with them when in their town.

So, e.g., if one wants to travel from SFO-LAX via the PCH, one could post a host wanted ad with the title "Traveling from SFO to LAX" and prospective hosts could reply. One could then respond with hosts with acceptance response or decline if multiple invitations occur or for any other reason.

I hope that creating a sub-forum will not incur serious development effort it this would be worth a try if found acceptable and appropriate by the governing body.


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I always had the impression

I always had the impression that this wasn't really encouraged (though you'll have hear officially from admin to confirm that) - certainly I always respond to requests on the forums explaining that they'll have a much better chance of success with personal requests (and most of those posts didn't receive any other replies). I get the impression that apart from members who come here to post questions and check the replies to those posts that there is only a fairly small core of WS members who regularly visit the forums so I'm not sure you'd get much exposure.

Certainly there are alternative (and I think preferable - ie: public mapped trips) ways of doing what would be called open requests on Couchsurfing (or trips on Bewelcome) that have been proposed here, see for example:
-Lack of answers - Creating regional warmshowers mailing lists? |
-See ALL request for a given location |

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Re: I always ..

I tried to find any reasons to not have such posts/function but could not find in the FAQs.
WS evolved from lists of hosts in a spreadsheet and so may be it is time now to add the proposed way of seeking hosting. It is encouraging to see that the topic is already raised by others in different forms. I echo the statements made in the first paragraph of the post by Felix I., #1

My proposed solution does not need any significant development effort. Just a sub-forum that interested hosts could subscribe to or visit.

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Host wanted

You mean scenario like this:

Host: I really feel like having a guest today , lets see if I find any at warmshowers subforum “Host Wanted”....
If this is mirroring your own attitude to having a guest so – my congratulations. :-)

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The scenario is clearly described in my post and and an example is here.

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I agree

Unlike Paul, I see nothing wrong with members "advertising" their trip from A to B, thus making it possible for hosts to contact members travelling in their area, & maybe "influencing" them to take a different route than they might otherwise have done, see things they weren't aware of &/or meet people they might not have thought to contact... From my own extensive experience of cycle-touring, I've always appreciated such "influences" so why not have a sub-forum where more "proactive" hosts can see who's travelling where & when, it surely cannot do any harm & may indeed be very useful even if it's only to a few...

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