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FAQ for the App(s) ..?

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FAQ for the App(s) ..?

I have looked here for an FAQ that explains the App.

I find plenty of Posts describing Bugs ( even ones I have yet to experience myself) but not the answers to some very basic queries.

An FAQ would be much easier to comprehend than a session trawling through the long list of bug posts !

So, is there an FAQ ?

FWIW: I am not a technical person, I don't really know what version of iPhone I have, I believe it might be a 4S :) with an very old version...

Some questions I would like to see answered :
1. does App work for all types of Phones ? All versions..?
2. who developed the apps..? Can that person(s) be contacted ?
3. does the App's map show members who are " not available" ?
4. why does the App have a Send message function, but not an " Inbox" to *receive* Messages/replies ?

Thanks !