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Restrictions in Yunnam and Sichuan?

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Restrictions in Yunnam and Sichuan?

Hi guys!!
I'm flying to Chengdu next Monday to cycle around Sichuan and Yunnam, does anyone knows if there are any restrictions at the moment? I'm taking the road that goes to Lasha until Litang and then I think I'll go down the south.
Also... does anyone knows a place to buy gas cartridges for the camping gas in Chengdu?
Thanks a lot!

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Yunnan and Sichuan

Hola Noemi,
Have cycled extensively in both provinces. About 6 months in total. On my own with my wife and with Chinese cyclist, all extremely enjoyable
Superb choice.
Chengdhu is a huge city, easy enough to get around on a bike. Massive shopping malls and streets with stalls and shops everywhere. It has
everything that you will require. It has large department stores like " Waltons" and many small specialty stores.
It has some good bike outlets and a lot of friendly young people wishing to speak in foreign languages both Spanish and English.
Once you get out of there the cycling is truly wonderful.
Heading West and South magnificent.
Mucha suerte y alegría.
Disfruta esas provincias el paisaje es muy belloso y teniendo paciencia es agradable.
Si quieres saber algo más do not hesitate to ask.
Crazy guy on a bike also has some helpful journals.
Risa mucha risa.
Happy-trails desde Bunbury en la Costa de Western Australia.

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Thanks a lot for your help...

Thanks a lot for your help... Yes, I think is a very nice area to travel, I'm looking forward... I'm just a little bit worried about the cold and the ice that I can find in the hight mountain passes....

I see you can speak some Spanish, have you been arround here?

Thanks again, and enjoy your summer!!!!

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Hola Noemi

Soy hijo de familias de Andalucía. Del área de Torrox y de Alhaurin el Grande de la provincia de Málaga.
He estado varias veces en España visitando familia y rodando en bicicleta.
Este año estuvimos en Madrid, hicimos un zigzag y llegamos hasta Chefchuan en Marruecos.

Hablo Español simplemente y encuentro Inglés más fácil para mí.

In China depending on your planned route there are many mountain passes and you will encounter snow and ice.
If you go West ( not East ) toward Litang it is mountainous. Magnificent and will test your amor de las montañas.
South from Litang is tough cycling.
Ask the locals about the state and surfaces of the roads that you wish to cycle on.
There are sections towards Daocheng and Shangrila that are not paved and will be tough if wet and muddied.
And yes it will be cold. In Chengdhu you will be able to buy all the cold and wet weather clothes that you will need.
They have a very large selection of clothing at all prices. Shop around and you will be satisfied.

We have always been allowed to cycle freely in Sichuan and Yunnan as long as you keep away from Tibet.
Sichuan and Yunnan provinces have many minority groups and are very interesting and truly beautiful.

Mucha suerte, ánimo y paciencia.
Un besito
Happy -trails

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You will love Sichuan

Hey Noemi, I just rode through Sichuan and Yunnan April/May 2015. Wonderful scenary! There are several mountain passes with terrible roads due to tunnels under construction, but I did it with a road bike so you should be fine.

The main thing is to avoid the direct road from Xiengcheng to Shangrila. I was told by several other cyclists there is extensive construction with many big trucks and pockets of soft mud that's easy to get stuck in. You will need to do what I did and go around to Darong. I did the bypass to Darong in two days but averaged 100 miles a day due to excellent roads and hardly any traffic at all. The direct route to Shangrila is a 4 day ride that you will regret.

You can check out my route and blog at

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Thanks a lot!!

Thanks a lot!!
I will follow your advise!
Have a nice day :)

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