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Bicycle 'should win Nobel Peace Prize'

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Bicycle 'should win Nobel Peace Prize'

The Nobel Peace Prize 2016 should go to the bicycle - at least that is what two presenters on Italian state radio believe, and they have started a petition to push for it.

The popular Caterpillar programme on Italy's Rai 2 network is gathering signatures to present to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in February.

The presenters describe the humble two-wheeler as an "instrument of peace".

They say the bicycle does not cause wars - often fought over oil.

The bike "is the most democratic means of transport available to humanity", say Caterpillar's hosts Massimo Cirri and Sara Zambotti.

They add that each kilometre pedalled generates a benefit to society of €0.16 (30.12; $0.17), compared with the social costs of using a car.