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Extended trip starting in Texas!

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Extended trip starting in Texas!

Hey there lads and lassies! Im seriously considering a year long journey around the states. Looking for people that want to do the same! I'll have to stop from now and then to make a little more dough, but plan to hit all places of interest for me and whomever I might be with. I havent conditioned, or prepared! Im looking for the " lets see if we can do it" attitude :) Anyone up for a try?

Im also desperately looking for advice, info, and anything else people can tell me to help me along this path. Ive got some good gear, but it about wiped me out on funds lol, so any ideas and knowledge on doing this on the cheap would be awesome!

Thanks so much guys and gals! May the wind be forever at your back!


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Make few plans and be open

Around the States is an easy ride - safe for a first timer. North in summer and South in the winter. Low budget is not difficult. In plenty of blogs you can read tactics and such for wild camping - national lands totally okay unless signed otherwise.. I use the term "gorilla camping" when stuck in a city at dusk with no obvious place to sleep. I always image, even if am seen tucked under a bush or under a carport, my loaded bicycle tells everyone that I am but passing through. The only time this may not work, in areas with a high homeless population. Be kind and respectful to everyone and every place. Be honest with folks you meet - let them know in the gentlest way that you are always open to find some work to help fund the journey. People do not expect or want you to be rich, just trustworthy and as I wrote, respectful. I would say where to go and what to avoid, but you will be on your own journey. Find your way and be happy. Given this comment, great riding for wilderness energy up in the northern reaches of British Columbia, Yukon Ter. up into Alaska and NW Ter. Be fine with spinning back on your tracks if the wind blows you to do so. Little tricks for desert and no water stops - ask drivers at the last point to drop off three or four gallons of water at a estimated end of day point - great to camp in amazing places. Hold water bottle out to passing vehicles - some will stop and refill it (ice cold at times.) I have even asked a driver to drop gallon bottle every so many miles so that I could handle 110 degrees (I do not think I am exaggerating) across Western Utah - I hit a scorcher from the Sacramento Valley to Salt Lake City. Ride in the rain, amazing how many times someone takes pity on me and offers me a dry place to sleep. Mostly, be happy for are doing what you want to every day, all day.

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Thank you soooo much Peter. I

Thank you soooo much Peter. I'm finally set up, and leaving in the AM. I was even given a new Salsa to start this trip. Crazy generosity in the bike world! I'll update hopefully today with a dot com for people to follow!