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Where-to in Thailand?

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Where-to in Thailand?

Hello Girls & Boys,

Can anyone recommend a route accross the country of about circa 1000-1200km?
I'm looking for something fairly easy as I'm not in my best shape (recovering from several months of illness...).
I'd like to explore meditation on my way, and I totally do NOT know anything about Thailand.
It's gonna be my first time, I'm leaving in a week and have 2,5 weeks to spare.

All recommendations are more than welcome!!!


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Hi K.

Hi K.

You begin in Bangkok? It has been a few years but I enjoyed the ride along the coast to Chumphon (with ferries to Koh Tao etc.) and from there going along the minor road (past Kao Sok and the dam - both recommended) to Ranong (near Burma) and then further down towards Krabi and Malaysia (or possibly Phuket, where I haven't been). Both Koh Tao and Krabi would be good places to meditate. This is a flat road all the way, several attractions along the route (unless you just happen to hate beaches and palms!). Things might have changed - I think it is 4 or 5 years ago I went that way.

Enjoy your trip!

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