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Prague to Poland

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Prague to Poland

Hi, We are cycling Europe for 6 months from June until December and looking at once we reach Prague from Berlin-Dresden crossing over into Poland to visit Auschwitz.

Has anyone done the Auschwitz area before, we won't be going into Kraków but directly to Auschwitz so would be interested to see if anyone has been through this area and camped or hotel and any route that was used.


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I think it is no good idea to miss the city of Kraków with Wawel castle and many historical buildings (Word Heritage List of UNESCO).
On the way, you can stop in my city of Hradec Králové as well!

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Hi Jiri,

Thank you for your kind offer, we shall take a look at the route to see if we can can take in Kraków with the time we have available and we will get in touch.


Jane and Dean

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it looks that we have the same plan! We will meet family-members at prague in June and after this meeting we will start to our tour. First we want to visit Auschwitz and later in direction Belarus and Russia.
At the moment I am making a route (gpx for the navigation). If you are interested let us know.

Sorry, my English is not very good...

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Hi Marianne and Peter,

We do not leave the UK until June 6th and then ride through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Southern Germany into Prague via Colditz, we changed our route slightly so we could see more of Southern Germany. We will not get to Prague until around end of July. If you are still around then we would be glad to meet up with you and Peter. Once we have been to Auschwitz our route is pretty much open then but we imagine it will be Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and we will either head to Istanbul or into Italy and around the coast to Spain.

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Hello Jane and Dean,

Hello Jane and Dean,

we also start in June - but in Prague. So we can not meet there - what a pity! We are living in the southern part of Germany, but we are also on the tour, when you are traveling there ...

Last year we cycled from Paris to Prague, Prague is therefore an excellent starting point for us! Have a nice trip, perhaps we meet someday!

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Hello all

i cycled that area last summer .... would do it again asap

about Auschwitz:
camp Auschwitz I was totally overfilled with tourists ... i felt like being at a touristical hot-spot ... don´t need it again
camp Birkenau (about 3 km west): much better - more space, less people, time to think about what happened there ...
some details:
entrance is free but it´s forbidden to bring bike or backpack inside - and of course: no safe places to store it somewhere
so bring just yourself incl. your clothes and what you can put inside them
it was opened untill 8 pm ... best time is close to that time (it´s getting more and more quiet)

and the city of Auschwitz offers more than just the camps:
visit the market square or some special places about jewish history there

you´ll make a mistake if you won´t go there .... a big one !!

nice area to leave Krakow is direction north-west ... you will reach the so called 'eagles nest route''_Nests
smaller and bigger castles every 10 km ... a bit up and down and really nice trails away from bigger traffic

for more infos: just ask

wish you all a nice ride and always enough air on your chain


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