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Best prepaid data plan for Europe?

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Best prepaid data plan for Europe?

Hello! We are planning a European tour across several countries (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France). We are going to pick up a mobile SIM card once we are there in order to access Google Maps and Warmshowers, AirBNB, etc. while on the road.

Can anyone recommend a good prepaid data plan that covers these countries? Best mobile carriers? Carriers to avoid?

Many thanks and ride safely everyone.

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Data Plan

Not sure about Europe, but we went to UK where coverage seems about 100% everywhere. However, much cheaper to purchase your SIM card at a supermarket - airport is expensive! Don't forget to get your phone unlocked before you go!


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Also touring europe

We are also touring Europe from June 01 to Dec/Jan and also looking at this, I've spotted the International phone sims in Tesco but unsure their worth.

We have unlocked phones so going to see how it goes in each country, though we do not want to spend hours rummaging through phone shops for a SIM card that will effectively be useless once we move into another country.

Any ones you find we would appreciated the info and likewise we shall pass on any your way.


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