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looking for companion(s) for trans-america trail starting in June. East-West

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looking for companion(s) for trans-america trail starting in June. East-West

Hello. My name is Charlie, i'm 25 years old male looking for someone to explore the states with me this summer.

Here are few details of the trip.
I'm planning to Leave early June and finish the trip before September.
I'm setting a goal to ride 50+ miles per day.
I'd love to take breaks through-out the trip for resting and exploring especially on west-side of the country.
I want to camp almost all the nights unless i could find a host on warm showers or other couch-surfing websites.

This is my first long-distance trip so i want to take it at somewhat relaxed pace.

feel free to ask me any questions and have a wonderful day~


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Hey Charlie,

Hey Charlie,
I'll be riding from Cleveland to LA starting possibly June 1st. Once I hit Marshfield, Missouri I will be on the Trans Am trail until Pueblo, Colorado. Want to possibly try to time it up and meet up? Let me know if this seems like a legit idea.

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Riding from Maryland/DC area

Hi Charlie, This is my first year of touring by bike. I did my Pittsburgh to DC ride in late April and now stay with friends in Maryland. I'm planning to go the same direction as you are to the West. I have basic bike maintenance skill. I'm a professional chef so we won't be hungry. I can leave Maryland after 4th or 5th and can meet you at the start of trail Yorktown, VA....if that's where you're starting from. Geographically, where I stay now is much closer to Richmond, Va. Let me know if you have any interest in riding with me. My number listed on profile here is current number. Text and call are fine as well. _Mya

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Denver to Portland

Hello. Your trip sounds great. I will be riding from Denver to Portland using both TransAm and Lewis and Clark trails in August. Ideally I'll depart Denver early August, arriving in Portland mid September. Anyone interested in meeting up? I'm currently in the middle of a cross country tour. It'd be great to have company for last leg. Check out my blog if interested: