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find good bikes in Lima???is it possible??

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find good bikes in Lima???is it possible??

Hi guy's!

Does anyone know if we can find two good bikes in Lima????
We are planning to cycle for 6 month from lima to buenos aires. It's will be our first cycling trip!!!wouhou!!

we are wondering if we have to buy the bikes in our contry (France) in order to find good materials or if we can find some good bikes straight after reaching lima.

Thanks for your help

Clem and Coco

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no touring bikes

I don't think you will find touring bikes, but you can probably buy fairly good mountain bikes and mount rear racks on them. Almost all mountain bikes have front suspension, so it will be hard to put front racks. It is possible to tour like this, but you can definitely find better bikes in France. You can also look on forums and Facebook pages if other people are finishing their tours and trying to sell their touring bikes. This forum has a 'for sale and wanted' for example. Or try 'Bicycle Touring' group on Facebook.

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