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Route advice for Laos/Thailand/cambodia?

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Route advice for Laos/Thailand/cambodia?

Hello! We are a group of 3 leaving Hanoi shortly with the plan of heading to Siem Reap by bicycle with a time frame of 4-5 weeks. We are pretty set on the first part of our route being Hanoi-Luang Prabang-Vientiane. We are looking for advice to see if it's better to cut through NE Thailand from there to get to Cambodia or if it's better to go the longer route through Laos likely along there Mekong river. Any tips would be so helpful. Thanks in advance!

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Vietnam to Laos to Cambodia

If you like hills you'll love the north Laos route to Nong Khiaw and LP. The road only goes in two directions; up or down and both are pretty steep - enjoy.

Concerning the rest of your ride I remember reading that the Thai side was generally more interesting and obviously more direct. Look through some of the CGOAB journals for rides in Thailand & Laos - there are plenty there.

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