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No response

Maybe this topic has come up before or maybe I am the only one but... I am really disappointed and frustrated by the number of 'no responses' from my requests. You are either into this great concept or not. Too many takers and not enough givers I suspect. At least respond even if it's a no. Come on, engage or get off the gravy train.

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i agree

Yeah bro, im planning my eueasian trip and its amazing how many no responses in Spain, for example. In Chile, where im live, is normally the same. Sad but true. Could be an option to inactive user with no activity for a while.

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You're not the only one...

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It's such a shame and so frustrating, especially after a long day in the saddle, I am in total agreement with you Martin.

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The answer is simple

So don`t write a request to anybody who have requests and bad response rate. You can`t expect any answer.
For myself don`t host these people.
It`s not good to be just as guest except for good reasons like pretty remote areas or busy times.

Can understand yours. Take it easy.

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It would be simple if finding

It would be simple if finding hosts with decent response rates and recent activity didn't involve randomly clicking on map markers or working through a list of members where those at the top have a greater than normal probability of being inactive and/or uninterested in hosting.

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The perfect solution?

When you mouse-over a marker on the map, the Name and Location of the member pop up.
IF Feedback (number of) and Responsiveness (%) could be added- that would be the perfect help.

Like F(23) R(75)

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I don't know if I'd call it a

I don't know if I'd call it a solution. It's certainly a feature that should be implemented (and has been requested numerous times) - but it still leaves people randomly mousing/clicking over map markers. In any area with more than a dozen or so hosts this soon becomes tedious and unproductive. What is needed is for the list search to become truly complementary to the map search. As it is we are just replicating functions by listing hosts based on geographical location instead of something more correlated to activity (eg last login etc) - not to mention of course pushing members who do the bare minimum required to sign up towards the top of list search results thus ensuring a large contingent of 'non-hosts' on the first page of any search (and more random clicking).

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the opposite,

My experience is somewhat similar, yet different. Ive been contacted by 6 guests of whom only one arrived. The others failed to turn up. The one who did arrive made up for the others and was a credit to the cycle touring community. The five who failed to turn up were all French, so perhaps its a french thing. But, theres nothing more annoying than having people contact you, give you an arrival date and then fail to show without so much as an email explaining that they wont be coming. .

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True. Did they confirm with

True. Did they confirm with you beforehand? If so I'd give them a couple of weeks for an explanation. If none is forthcoming a neutral reference would be appropriate (and I'd make that a negative reference if another week or two go by with no communication).

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No Shows

I couldn´t agree more! So rude! I had one. I told him I´d have supper prepared for him. I didn´t hear from him until the following evening. He was in a city with cell and internet service. He could have called or emailed. He just didn´t think it was important. Does WS have signees a little tutorial about guest etiquette? They should.

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Dear All,

Dear All,

in some cases I didn't answer for a simple reason: in my profile I've explained clearly that it's necessary to advise us min 4 days before and we prefer at week end, for a simple reason that I travel a lot for job reasons.

In only one case I haven't answered (last month) but for a very hard situation for a bereavement in family and I apologized with the cyclist as soon I've seen the message.

So it's really important to send an answer to the requestor, able or not-able to host, but it's even really very important to follow the information by the warmoshowers in his profile.

The profile is the point where it's possible to take all the information, as example from Sept 2014 to July 2015 I've had at my house one girl from Thailand with AFS, and I've immediately blocked my availability but, despite that some cyclists ask me to go here and they were offended by this!

Enjoy your week end,

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no response

hi, I"m currently on my way from serbia to germany and back.I crossed about 900km and sent over30 request and i could not sleep at warmshowers members. this is just fashion to be a member of warmshowers or couchsurfings.irresponsible members out!otherwise we just waste time....thanks

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1. make all members "inactive" by Default ( genuine members will then need to sign in to re-activate themselves)
2. remove all " inactive" members from any maps ...

which has been said many times before...

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not everyone "lives" on the web-site

...all the time....
That default would surely have a cleansing -and devastating- effect.
And those few folks that re-activate first, will be inundated with requests....

Better to dump any inactive members as defined by a more lenient formula. (Something like no replies to any requests within the last year and no logon ...)

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Thanks Michael .... the de-activation option has been discussed several times before.

It would - of course - be well "advertised" ***in advance*** thus reducing the "devastating effect" you mention....

No need to worry tho - nothing's gonna happen, and lots more "ineffectives" will clutter the lists, multiplying dysfunction !

Oh , and ... I don't "live" on this website either, yet the proposal holds no terror for me ...

EDIT : By coincidence, I recently listed our home with a local University's Student Accommodation Service, and was told I would be prompted regularly and frequently to renew our listing. IIRC, our listing is good for a month only - 30 days ! I don't mind that at all, and got my first reminder today. I would not suggest that WS needs such a frequent renewal period, but it's an indication.

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I sent my first request to be

I sent my first request to be hosted now (for our trip that will be in the end of July).
Thankfully I got a reply within one hour with a confirmation that we can stay with our host, so I guess there is hope!
Anyway, weekend is upon us and my guests are waiting for me to meet up with them, I love summer and hosting time!

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My Hosting Experiences so far are good.

I started hosting in Sept. 2015 after a friend (WS Host) moved away and asked if I could host cyclist in the area since it was the perfect location for cyclist traveling between New Orleans, La. to Baton Rouge, La. So far I have had 91 Guest and 4 cancellations. Those who cancelled did contact me which was fine. I host at a location which is not my home. I take in cyclist with 1 hour notice. So far I have had great experiences and a few stayed while I was away on vacation so I did not get to meet them. I love to cycle and tour as well, and I understand the frustration of looking for a safe place to camp. What we must all understand is plans change. Depending on weather, road conditions, physical ability and mechanical failures there is no EXACT time of arrival. I do my best to accommodate my guest because I know what it's like to be out on the road looking for that right spot. For those HOST who can't be there for every request I understand the frustration of planning for a guest who is a No Show. I would hope that all Guest would check in ahead to verify their schedule as well.

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