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"Double Feed back" ( don't see where to Post this ..)

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Dear Warmshowers Community, we know this is a time of concern for everyone around the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In an effort to streamline communication and better address the current needs of our community in a timely manner, we are temporarily disabling the forums and directing everyone to the Warmshowers Facebook Group. This will allow the Warmshowers Community a centralized place for comments, questions, and concerns related to touring and hosting. As always, we ask that you follow our community guidelines when posting.

Facebook Group:

Please note: For technical questions see our FAQ's to address your question or use the Contact Us form for technical support ONLY.  We will not be providing any information on travel or hosting requests through the Contact Us form.

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"Double Feed back" ( don't see where to Post this ..)

I have noticed a few cases of Double Feedback, or even triple sometimes: that is, the Member feeding back Posts the same FB several times over. There may be a technical reason for this, maybe it's a bug, but it's a (small) nuisance.

EDIT : Of course I mean : the same FB to the same Host / Guest...

FWIW I don't like Posting this under " Miscellaneous" but i can't find a more appropriate "sub forum" in the wall of text that is the front page....

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Perhaps here:
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Not looking for "support"

I am pointing out a "fault", I presume. I am not asking for either "help" or "Support" so that area didn't occur to me.

FWIW : I guess it's a problem at the Member's end, perhaps with slow connection ? Who knows...? I mention it b/c I like my own profile to look as though it's periodically reviewed, and any anomalies corrected; I presume many other members feel the same way.

In general, I find that anomalies give an impression of carelessness and provide just a little more avoidable grit to working of the WS machine.

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You are asking about

You are asking about something regarding the functioning of the website that you believe may be a bug or technical problem - that is precisely what that the Website Help & Support subforum is there for . Either that or take it straight to github.

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Double Feedback

I've done it. I'll post feedback and check to see if it went through. I forget to refresh the page, don't see it, so I post it again.