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Pamir Highway starting mid may from Dushanbe

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Pamir Highway starting mid may from Dushanbe


I intend to cycle te Pamir highway starting from mid may from Dushanbe via Wakhan valley to Osh.

(In case you have read my earlier posts in Andrews topic, initially I wanted to do it the other direction but eastward makes more sense windwise).

I try to go lightweight, not taking too much of stuff with me (max. 18 kg without water/food). Also I speak Russian which will come in handy. I am not the slow going guy who rests every third day, but anyway I am not going to speed through the Pamir. Depending on road conditions, 60-80 km/day would be a feasible thing. I can say of myself that I am an easy going and considerate, friendly guy, who does not loose temper easily...

If anyone wants to share the road or a part of it with me I would be glad!