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Best route from Berlin to Greece?

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Best route from Berlin to Greece?

Hi all

I am planning to bike from Berlin, (via Dresden, Prague, Vienna) to at least Budapest, and then possibly on to Greece - depending on time, either straight on a bike, or via Croatia and a ship)

While I can find much information on my first leg of the journey, I have been struggling to determine good routes/ quality of roads etc for the second.

I purposefully want to bike through the refugee-hosting countries to get a feel myself of the changing mood.

I welcome any feedback, thoughts, useful resource tips (such as maps or books)

Thank you!


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HI Natalie

HI Natalie

Berlin - Budapest sounds spot on. I would not change this

I have recently come back from a tour of the Balkans. I didnt see any refugees in Greece or Macedonia but avoid the Idomeni border for this reason. I cycled in Albania but was told to avoid the north. Serbia and Kosovo were amazing, I would recommend this but a lot of wild dogs in Serbia,Kosovo,Albania, Macedonia and they are EVERYWHERE in Greece. Maybe your braver than me but they put me on edge constantly.

I always felt safe on the roads in the b¨Balkans even though most people told me they would be awful. I also found the drivers ( mostly) considerate. The people who advised against it were not cyclists. I would stick to main roads in these countries personally, going off into the smaller roads always lead to dog chases, bigger hills and a lack of services.

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