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Baja California, Mexico

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Baja California, Mexico
Hello, I'm working on a Baja trip. I'm new to the list. There are two Baja WS hosts. Though I hear the road can be frightening with RVs and Busses. It is surprising more people have not written about this bike tour. Ideas? --Chris
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biking baja
hi chris, a friend and i rode the baja last fall and met several other cyclists doing the same. we loved it - the traffic is only hectic for the first couple days south of the border. once you turn inland for the first time, the road is quite empty and truckers and rv's give you lots of room. we would pull off the road any time that 2 big vehicles were going to pass, but that only happened once or twice a day. being 2 girls, the only trouble we had was from a mexican police officer who pulled us over and told us that women can't survive in the mexican desert! but we did, and enjoyed it all :) christine
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i cycled baja years ago using a book by Bonnie Wong. We cussed her out at certain points that were quite different that what the book said. We had a great time, but found it very challenging. I would still recommend it. I agree with what christine said about the roads, especially when two buses or trucks passed. i held my line, but saw the edge of the road a few millimeters from my wheel. let me know if you have specific questions. theresa
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Hey chris.

Baja is a great place to travel, the roads are not as difficult and theres good people all around. The buses and rvs can be a problem, (mostly rvs and oversized pickup trucks; truckers and semis tend to be nice), but nothing you can´t handle.
Your biggest concern will be shelter, (unless you´re staying at hotels), and water. There are some 100 k stretches with little if nothing on them, (which is precisely why its so beautiful).

Anyway, I did the trip last winter and wrote about it here

In spanish though... The English Version is coming soon.

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baja cycling

You may like to look at our website containing a cycle trip down the Baja.

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Baja Travel

You can explore Baja Travel on internet. There are lots of websites about Baja Travel Guide. Baja is really a great place to travel, its roads and trees are full of adventure. Especially if you have car insurance, you can drive freely. There are lots of places to stay with many choices. You can stay in luxury or economy hotels. All having amenities to make your stay comfortable.

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