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Spain 2016

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Spain 2016

Wild Camp/ Campsite Trip

12/06/2016 - 31/07/2016

Avg Distance: 50-60 km per day

Avg Speed: 10-20 km/h

Total: 3000+ km

I will be arriving via coach into the Spanish municipality of Roses. The intial direction of travel will be South/South-West, clockwise through the interior of Spain (not excluding the coast all entirely), aiming to incorporate as many of the national parks into the route.

The intention is to arrive in the south of Madrid as early as possible, to then take a meandering passage west through the southern sierras, to benefit from dry hot weather of June. Then to travel north, west of Madrid to the pilgrimage roads of St.James, when the July weather will be somewhat drier, hotter and more accommodating to wild camping. Then to return east through the nothern national parks, ending in the french town of Bayonne.

I return to the UK by coach from Bayonne on the 31/07/2016.

The itinerary is flexible as is the route and speed. Any lost time can be made up by a more direct route back from the Andalusian and Extremaduran Sierras, which are my main interest, along with La Mancha.

I welcome anyone to join me, regardless of ability, situation and experience for the whole or part of the journey

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PM buddy

PM buddy

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Hello Luke! I'm from Granada,

Hello Luke! I'm from Granada, I would like to join you at the end of Juny if you are in the south of Spain (Andalusia) email (