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email notifications

I used to get email notifications of messages. These seem to have stopped. I am missing hosting requests because I am not getting messages and I am not going to come in every day so…

Surely you haven't just cancelled notifying me because I haven't yet made a donation. As I said before I'll look into the business of donations when I start to get some warm showers hosts of my own.

I also used to get notifications for replies to my some forum posts i think too and am not getting any, though as yet i don't know if i've had any replies to m last question.


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Have you checked if it is

Have you checked if it is going into your spam folder? There have been a few issues around email notification in the last 6 months or so but I thought they had been resolved, certainly I doubt it has anything to do with your donation status.

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Donation status does not affect your membership in any way

I would report this to the helpdesk. As Paul said, we have had some problems with messages going through over the last six months or so.

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