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Best type of stove and fuel for bike trip along the St. Lawrence Seaway in Quebec

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Best type of stove and fuel for bike trip along the St. Lawrence Seaway in Quebec

Hi there -- will be traveling in rural Quebec and wondering what stove and fuel will be best in that area. Thanks

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Best type of stove and fuel for bike trip

In general I would recommend a paraffin pressure stove, which has the advantages that paraffin (kerosene/jet fuel/lamp oil) is to my knowledge available pretty well world-wide & unlike gas, doesn't explode when impacted! 2 drawbacks: the need to carry methylated spirit for pre-heating & having to wait a few minutes for this before being able to cook; unfortunately, such stoves are now difficult to find in shops in countries where gas stoves are now overwhelmingly more popular but still readily available on the internet...

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Hi Jan

Hi Jan
We have a Primus Omnilite Ti
This is a pretty big investment, but i can't really see anything on it that can not be repaired if it broke and the running cost is really really low. We run it on regular gasoline (the fancy high octane stuff seems to make no difference) and fill up for around 25cents (Canadian) about once every 5 or so days

a little heavy
sometime needs some TLC /Cleaning Tweaking
does not simmer very well

seems very well made and easy to fix if it broke
burns almost any fuel so very very cheap to run and easy to buy fuel for
powerful - especially compared to small butane stoves and alcohol stoves
stable - not sitting on top of a tippy fuel canister

if you have any further questions feel free to ask


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Is your concern more with the

Is your concern more with the stove or with availability of fuel? Here you will find propane readily available at outdoor stores ($5 for a bottle), butane harder to find ($2.50/bottle), Naptha (white gas) available but expensive ($30 per gallon), and regular gas and diesel at pumps everywhere.

The area you are travelling should be well serviced with both gas stations and outdoor stores, so you can readily find any of these fuels. The most common places for stove fuel are "Sail" ( ), "Canadian Tire" ( ), and Mountain Equipment Coop ( ).

Good luck on your trip!

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Stove and fuel question for Quebec

Hello and thank you so much for your kind reply -- your answer is great news! I have a number of stoves that use different types of fuel -- and, I have traveled to places with a stove that I could not find fuel for. Anyway -- great to know there are options --- now I can bring what I need without worry. Thank you so much, again. Happy trails.

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