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Crossing the Pyrenees

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Crossing the Pyrenees

Hi! Me and my two friends are on our first biking trip, we are biking from Berlin to Porto. We reached Monaco today and are planning our route further. The biggest question for us is where to cross the Pyrenees. Do you have any suggestions or tips for that? Would it be better to go to Barcelona first and head to Porto from there or follow the coast in the north side of the pyrenees? Any experiences about santiago de compostela? Since we don't have too much time we would prefer as easy route as possible. Any advices or tips are more than welcome!

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I biked from Porto to France

I biked from Porto to France in 2012. I went over St. Jean Pied-de-Port (Roncesvalles on the Spanish side), so from Spain to France. First Burgos, then Logroño, Pamplona... for you it´d be the other way around. So I recommend you go Narbonne - Carcassonne - Toulouse - Auch - Pau - then over that pass I mentioned (only about 1100 m altitude). Do you have a blog or bike journal? Mine are in crazyguyonabike/nacho59
(The Portugal-Spain-France bit is in the journal titled "Zigzagging..."). Wish I could join you! As far as Compostela is concerned... I've been there before but the whole Camino thing I find has become too commercial with so many stores raising their prices, etc, And the hostels are stinky. ;-)

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Okay thank you for your

Okay thank you for your advice! We take almost the same route I think. We dont have blog but our instagram account is

You were great help! Nice travels!

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