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Tour de Pyrenees August 2016

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Tour de Pyrenees August 2016

Hi, Im a female in my 30's from Australia. Although I ride regularly at home, i have never done a cycle tour, so im excited about my first trip!

Im planning to ride across the Pyreneese starting in San Sebastian in mid August. I will purchase a bike in London or Spain. I will be travelling light with a saddle bag and handle bar bag. I will be couch surfing, using arm showers or airbnb websites for accomodation. I would like to ride 60 to 90km a day pending on gradient and stay for a couple of nights in some place to look around. I anticipate the whole trip will take 3 weeks or so. I would like ti include detours to some of the classic cols ie Tourmoulet ( which is on my bucket list). I plan to buy food from supermarkets, local shops and every now and then indulge in epicurean cuisine. If you have any tips, recommodations ill be glad to hear to hear from you or if you wish to join me for sections of the trip then drop me a line.

Looking forward to the mini adventure ☺
Cheers stepanka

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Hi Stepanka!

Hi Stepanka!

Funny that just now, today, I started looking around warm showers for the first time since I registered and find someone with similar plans!
Me and one of my best dutch friends (we're both 29) did a bike travel vacation before 2 times. This time we want to travel from Avignon to Barcelona, probably somewhere late September. We used couch surfing before, and although couch surfers are awesome people, they really want to know when you will be arriving and how long you will be staying, obviously. On our last trip, we planned as much as half our trip ahead, but then went on day by day looking for new couch surfing hosts (then we did not know about This was really hard to do, as we had two weeks and needed to bike whole days every other day and didn't always have internet available. But then again, we are two guys and you are one woman. One person is easier to host then two :)
I'd say the amount of km's you have in mind is really doable, just keep in mind that 90 km on flat / level terrain could equal 50km in mountainous terrain in terms of effort required :)
Good luck on planning everything and enjoy the trip itself !