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Replying from email

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Replying from email

I got a request yesterday from Loris Meyeer. I replied him using my email replying function. However, my reply is messages.

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Replies arrive very slowly.

I have the same problem that sometimes when I reply by email, the email is only hours or even days later visible in my messages. It should not be like that, but it seems more reliable to reply via the website directly. Last week I missed a guest because he received my message that he could come not the same evening as I sent it.

So, hopefully the webmasters can check it, and find out what is the problem.

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Help Desk Issue

Please report situations like this directly to the Help Desk. We have had several problems recently with the mail system getting backed up and emails not being delivered. I think it is safe to ay that if it does not show up in your account as "sent", it probably has gotten stuck in a queue.

This is an ongoing problem and we are presently trying to contract with an outside provider for web management.

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